Why are people scared to get old?


I don’t follow many celebrities or influencers these days on social media. I only have three famous people on IG, and the rest are family and certain friends. Well, I once followed a lot like everyone else. But then I was fed up every time I see their updates. It impacted me in a not healthy way. So, I unfollowed them and kept only three inspiring personalities on the list.

But whether I like it or not, there is what they called ‘cookies.’ I will still see random people on the search tab. And that’s how the internet works, right? Then I watched one of the ads of a celebrity for anti-aging skincare. She was so fine as wine. She’s nearly 40 but her glow is like in her 20s. Then I couldn’t forget her line, “when people ask how old are you now, why do we hesitate?” Woah, big checked! It really happens, especially in my mother country. People, especially women are not that proud of when they are asked. Some say, even in other countries, that asking people’s age is rude. But for me, it depends on how the way it has been asked, what’s the intention, and what’s going to be the follow-up question. As for me, honestly, I’ve been asked quite multiple times. I even make fun of it by letting people guess how old I am. And no one ever got the right answer, not even close.

So, what’s the big deal with ageing? I couldn’t understand. We are all human beings. That’s how we are made of. We are all going to have wrinkles. Whatever the hair colours are, they will turn grey at the end of the day. Humans are like flowers. They will bloom in their season, and they will wither on their time. Ageing is part of being a human. We can slow it down, but we can never stop it. What we can do is embrace how we are made of. Enjoy every bit of the moment. Be grateful if we reach the process. Because not everyone is even lucky to get there.

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