Why am I writing?

Hello everyone!

I’m G.

I’m not a pro in writing.

Though I’m already 30, using English as my second language, and graduated a bachelor’s degree, I’m still learning. I’m a Filipino, but I decided to write in English, so that everyone can relate on my posts.

I used to love writing.

When I was in primary school, I was jealous to my classmates who write so well. Seriously, I’m literally at this point. Their handwritten were so perfect and can be read easily. While mine was like scratched by chicken’s feet. What I did was I practiced a lot. I imitated everyone’s penmanship. But I was still different. A normal person holds the pen with thumb and index finger while the body of it stuck between index and middle finger, right? But I hold pen between my middle and ring finger, and please don’t ask me why… I don’t know either.

Well, in high school, I don’t know exactly how it started. I wrote few stories on a notebook. Those stories were mostly inspired by TV dramas or movies. I showed it to my cousins, and they shared it to their friends. Can you imagine that? Are you familiar of wattpad? It was like that but mine was written in a notebook, and everyone was reading it and passed it to the next reader when they are finished. I’m wondering if I just pursued that hobby. Maybe I’m one of the ‘Marcelo Santos III of the Philippines’ now lols!

I don’t know how I survived Nursing in college. That was the same time when I was extremely active in our Church organisation. I became a youth leader. I participated and organised various activities for youth. I really don’t see myself as a leader. But at that moment, I was enthusiastic and eager to guide everyone. There were times that I must choose between getting ready for an exam or attend a certain activity. But I was always certain to do my ministry first, then school comes next. I did not get any achievement on my studies. But I don’t regret anything. It won’t help me to find a better job anyway. It doesn’t matter. Proven. During those years, I found out that I could write songs. I could also put melodies on it. I can’t remember how many songs I have written. It felt magical whenever I made one. In just about one hour, or few minutes, I could make one in an instant.

It was like a special gift for me from above.

Then one day, it was gone.

I was able to write a spoken word poetry after few years. But up to now, it feels different. It’s not like before anymore. I’m still searching where did I lost it. Or if someone took it from me? If so, I want to ask why? And if not too much, can I still get it back?

So why did I stop?

As a Greek Philosopher Heraclitus said, “the only thing that is constant is change.” And people are not exempted. People change for some reasons. But I want to believe that I change for the better. I have my own penmanship now, I can create a unique story of my life, and I can share my wisdom around the globe anytime.

Who would have thought that I have my own blog site now? Is it too late now? Nah! It’s never too late to make something beautiful again. It’s never too late to someone who loves it. That’s why I made it!

There you go my friends! Welcome to my grounded soul!